Honest & Efficient Cleaning

Our Services

We provide the expert service and attention to detail you would expect from a 5-star hotel or spa.

We guarantee our cleaning services will be the best you have ever experienced.

The Dreamy Homes Clean*


  • Clean outside of small appliances
  • Clean hob/range top
  • Clean, wipe and shine sink(s)
  • Clean surfaces of fridge, and dishwasher
  • Clean all worktop surfaces
  • Spot clean of exterior cupboards, oven & other kitchen furniture


  • Dust exposed surfaces including skirting boards, window sills and ceiling fans
  • Wipe and sanitise touch points including doorknobs, rails and light switches
  • Clean, dry and shine mirrors
  • Vacuum and deodorise carpet, and/or sweep and mop floors
  • Light straightening up
  • Empty waste baskets and replace bags
  • Mirrors cleaned


  • Remake bed and change linens (if the bed is stripped and clean linen placed on the bed


  • Full cleaning of shower/bathtub including walls and glass partitions
  • Clean, dry, and shine sink(s) chromed tiles
  • Scrub and sanitise toilet
  • Spot clean exterior cabinets
  • Clean counter top surfaces